New mod from Westfalia - Club Joker

One of the oldest European manufacturers of motor homes - Westfalia, presented at the Caravan Salon exhibition in Dusseldorf (which was held from August 25 to September 2, 2012) its new camper on the elongated base VW Transporter T5 - Westfalia Club Joker. This model will continue the evolution of the Joker model line, the first cars of which were based on T1 and T2 cars.

The car continues the theme of the motorhome from Westfalia James Cook with a high aerodynamic roof-hat. Inside the house on wheels, this roof allows you to stand upright. The light finish of the interior visually expands the space, and the materials are claimed to be scratch-resistant. This motorhome declares itself as a completely autonomous housing: a tank for clean and dirty water of 70 liters each, an electric water heater of 4.8 kW, an electric refrigerator with a capacity of 50 liters, a hob, powered by gas.

Passenger capacity - 4 people. The same can be accommodated for the night (two downstairs, two upstairs). There is such a machine in Europe from 52 900 Euros. For the money you get a two-liter diesel engine with an output of 86 hp. paired with a five-speed manual transmission. For an additional fee it is possible to put a "heart" more powerful and 6-speed DSG robot. It may be possible to order a car with a hollow drive than the VW Transporter always favorably differed from most of its competitors. And may you not drive into any underground parking of the world on this small road yacht, but with pride you will be able to take a full-fledged shower where your heart pleases!

And we also remind you that you can rent a trailer-cottage from the retrailer or rent a motorhome (from the beginning of the next season).

Watch the video: Westfalia Club Joker (January 2020).


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