Ranch airstream

An unusual composition is located on the road between the city of Plant City and Tampa, USA. She represents not one ten trailer house or trailer trailer airstream, stuck into the ground at an angle of 20 degrees, and oriented strictly to the east. Very interesting this composition of the trailer house looks from afar, shimmering rays of the setting sun. The author of this composition is from House on wheels and house  trailer - Frank Bates. He gave his composition an interesting nickname "Ranch Airstream ".

Only in 2007, "Airstream Ranch" gained worldwide fame when a group of Japanese students who visited it, on returning to their homeland, published a lot of photos on the Internet from this place. Since trailer house, trailer trailer and trailer cottage Airstreamstuck in the ground became the object of universal pilgrimage: weddings were held here, music videos were shot. Dissatisfied with this increased activity, the neighbors could not do anything about it even through the court, which ruled that Airstream Ranch has a right to exist.

Watch the video: The Infamous "Airstream Ranch" in Tampa, Florida (December 2019).


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