Volkswagen Transporter T2 is back in fashion!

Long time since I did not smile, reading reviews of automotive new products.

The Dutch VW dealer decided on a very interesting act, worthy of standing ovation. Now in the Netherlands, you can buy a brand-new "old" T2 - a car legend. In the 60s, hippies loved it so much, painting it with T2 airbrushing, they slowly dissected it through the streets with jambs in their teeth. This machine is still produced in Brazil under the name Kombi. True while T2 in the Netherlands can only be bought as a camper. Motorhome T2 has a hard lifting roof that can accommodate 2 guests, a gas stove, a sink, a refrigerator, and a washable floor. The cost of the motorhome ranges from 32 to 56 thousand euros. For this money, you can buy a good camper in Russia, not to mention Europe, where the motorhome and trailer cottage are so popular. But if you remember Defender, Gelandewagen or LandCruiser 70 (having started production again at a factory in Japan and supplying it to Europe, realizing that it’s simpler and more reliable than this SUV, built in the 80s, it’s pointless to reinvent the wheel) classics also need to pay.

This camper is equipped with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, 80 hp. (our tax nervously smokes), which, with the help of a 4-speed gearbox, accelerates this classic autohouse to an impressive 135 km / h. And 100 km / h. VW's camper makes an incredible 16 seconds.

Somehow, after this, you feel that all is not lost in the global automotive industry, not everything is tied to plastic and microchips with nanotechnologies, seasoned with globalization and universal unifications. T2 was a car with a soul and how nice it is to realize that it is still there and will again begin to win the hearts of Europeans.

Watch the video: How to draw a VW Camper Van (December 2019).


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