VW T1 Camper from your favorite LEGO cubes!

In 2011, the Danish company LEGO (Lego), specializing in the production of children's plastic designers, began production of the designer - a replica of the VW T1 Camper. The star of the 60's caravans, the beloved "hippie-mobile", the progenitor of the VW minivans of the Model T (still alive) has found life again! Now as a LEGO designer, with official approval from VW.

T1 Camper turned out to be extremely bright and accurate. In a set of more than 1300 parts. The camper opens the front and side doors, front windows, rear door and hood, under which the engine hides, quite accurately repeating the prototype. Inside the driver's cabin there is a steering wheel, a dashboard with a speedometer, pedals and a manual transmission knob. In the residential compartment there are several sofas that transform into a berth, a folding table, a sink, cabinets and shelves. Also not forgotten is one of the main and bright elements of the T1 Camper - a lifting roof! There is a large VW logo on the front.

The chip of this model is a "hippie" T-shirt in the wardrobe closet, with the inscription "Make LEGO models, not war (work with Lego models, not war)", which is visible from the T1 Camper window.

This designer will be a great gift for your child with engineering skills, who loves cars. The same model is suitable for an adult who likes to collect designers and fans of T1 Camper and the themes of mobile homes in general.

This model of the designer has already been discontinued, but in Moscow LEGO stores it can still be found at an average cost of 6,500 rubles.

Watch the video: Lego Creator 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van - Lego Speed Build (December 2019).


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