Amphibious Sealander Amphibious Trailer

And here is another residential amphibious trailer called Sealander. For the first time this camper was shown in Dusseldorf at the exhibition in 2011, dedicated to the caravanning. The total length of this camper is about 390 cm, weighing 380 kg. Living space of 305x156 cm. With such lightness, this residential trailer can even be a compact car, and on the water this camper drives an electric motor with a power of 5 hp, powered by a built-in battery. In this small trailer-dacha there is almost everything that an "adult" camper can afford: 2 beds, a stove, a sink, a refrigerator, a heater. The toilet is only true in the richest set. The entrance to the residential trailer is equipped in the front and is a door opening to the top. This caravan also has a large awning roof. It can be easily turned and turned into almost complete unity with nature. You can sit on a soft couch, look at the starry sky, drinking aromatic tea, slowly swaying through the waves of some lake.

The body is a fiberglass monocoque, which provides this camper with good strength characteristics. The bottom of the trailer-dacha is flat, double, with air pockets, as well as a low center of gravity. This makes the residential trailer floating, even in the case of small leaks. Camper amphibious produce in Germany, starting in 2012, with a sale price of about 15,000 euros.

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