English trailer cottage Vanroyce will delight you more comfortable. The caravan trailer on wheels has two beds, with a capacity of up to three people, a separate shower, hot water, a built-in Tethford dry closet with -100, gas heating in the Carver cabin, a gas stove and an oven for cooking, an Electrolux refrigerator of the absorption type, a huge number of cabinets and shelves. Autodot on wheels is easily pulled by a regular car and driving a category B driver’s license is enough for driving a trailer. You can rent an English Vanroyce trailer in Yekaterinburg! You can also use the trailer as a grimwagen and rent it in Yekaterinburg.

Vanroyce specifications

  • Trailer type Trailer, cottage
  • The brand Vanroyce
  • A country England
  • Year of issue 1995
  • condition Good
  • Mileage km -
  • price, rub. 230 000 ₽
  • Base -
  • Power, hp -
  • Engine Not
  • Transmission Not
  • Brakes Rolling type
  • Number of axles 1
  • Max. weight, kg 1200
  • Sleeping places 3
  • Length mm 5800
  • Width, mm 2200
  • Height mm 2500
  • Air conditioning Not
  • Hot water from 220V
  • Heating Air truma
  • Shower there is
  • Restroom Built-in cassette
  • Tent there is
  • Trunk there is
  • Hitch Not
  • Category of rights -
  • Availability Not available

Vanroyce Pictures

Watch the video: Vanroyce 4502 Berth Year 1997. (February 2020).


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