Fendt Xaver 545


In front of the caravan is a room with two full bunk beds (1900 * 700 mm). The upper tiers are designed for weight up to 70 kg. The room is closed by a comfortable compartment door from the rest of the space. If necessary, you can dismantle both the upper beds and both beds completely, freeing up a large working space for office space, a warehouse, a wardrobe room (possibly with a rental of 15 days or more). If necessary, a convenient 12V fan is installed in the front hatch (it works for blowing or blowing autonomously from the battery). In the middle there is a spacious wardrobe, kitchen, refrigerator, shower and toilet. Behind the trailer is a large semicircular sofa with a table, transforming into a double bed. Lighting in the trailer operates from 220V. In the kitchen and in the toilet there are backup lamps for 12V (they can operate on battery power autonomously).


  • Refrigerator (12 / 220V or gas)
  • Remote cassette toilet
  • Shower tray and shower watering can
  • Heating Truma 3002 (gas, power 3 kW) with the possibility of blowing warm air throughout the living space (220V)
  • Cooking stove (gas)
  • Hot water (electric boiler, volume 5 l.)
  • Washing
  • Double windows with mosquito nets and sun blinds
  • Overrun brake
  • Gas bottle
  • Battery, 105 A / h
  • Solar, 120 W, polycrystal
  • Front hatch fan
  • Water tank, 80 l.
  • Movable tank for dirty water, of 20 l. (installed from the street)


  • Year of release: 1989
  • It is long, mm: 7000
  • Width, mm: 2300
  • Height, mm: 2500
  • Maximum allowable weight, kg: 1500


  • up to 4 days - 4500 rubles / day
  • up to 10 days - 3500 rubles / day
  • up to 20 days - 3000 rubles per day
  • up to 30 days - 2500 rubles per day
  • from 30 days by agreement

Additionally, a seasonal discount of 30% (for rentals from 10 days).

Regardless of the rental period, it is also charged:

  • service charge (cleaning, toilet chemistry, gas cylinder filling): 2500 rub.
  • collateral value (goes to pay for possible damage due to the tenant’s fault during the rental process): 50,000 rubles.

Additional services:

  • Delivery of the trailer dacha to the place of lease and installation on parking supports: 2000 rubles. in Moscow (one way) + 40 rubles / km. from Moscow Ring Road.
  • Gasoline generator, inverter, 3 kW - 1000 rubles per day. A deposit of 10,000 rubles.
  • Additional mirrors, 2 pieces: 1000 rubles per trip.

Rent terms

  • Be sure to pre-book a caravan for the desired rental dates (included in the rental price) - 30% of the rental price.
  • Service charge (filling gas cylinder, cassette toilet, cleaning after the tenant) - 2500 rubles.
  • Mortgage value (goes to the repayment of minor damage during the lease due to the fault of the tenant) - 50,000 rubles.
  • Before starting the lease, the tenant must pay 100% of the rental price, security deposit and service fee. It also draws up the lease agreement and the act of acceptance.
  • Dacha trailers are not insured. During the rental period the tenant is responsible for the property.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer.
  • Estimated rental time - 12.00. If the tenant returns the trailer dacha after 12.00, he pays the full day of rental for that date. If before 12.00, this day is not counted.
  • The presence of the BE category of the driver, the driving experience of at least 3 years.


  • Distance limit. This is due to the fragility of technology and the poor quality of Russian roads. Privately, long distances are considered based on the route provided by the tenant. In this case, may increase the cost of rent and collateral.
  • The lease is concluded only on a Russian passport.

On the rights of the category BE

To manage a category B caravan, it is sufficient in two cases (Decree of 10.24.2014 "Rules for conducting qualifying examinations for the right to drive vehicles and issue driver's licenses." Clause 25. Sub-paragraph b):

  1. Your trailer does not exceed a maximum weight of 750 kg.
  2. Your road train (your car and trailer in total) does not exceed the allowed maximum weight of 3500 kg. The maximum mass of the trailer should not exceed the curb weight of the tractor.

You can download this law in full on the official website of the traffic police in the "regulatory documents" section (direct link to Resolution No. 1097 of October 24, 2014 - //www.gibdd.ru/docs/pprf/321/).

Watch the video: Caravan te koop: FENDT DUBBELASSER 545 1988 VERKOCHT (December 2019).


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